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Monday, March 10, 2008

Turkish Foreign Trade January 2008

Turkish exports increased by 61.4% in January 2008 compared with January 2007...

According to the provisional data from Turkstat, in January 2008; exports grew by 61.4% and reached to 10,596 Million Dollars and imports grew by 53.9% and reached to 16,306 Million Dollars compared with January 2007. At the same month, foreign trade deficit increased by 41.8%, reached from 4,027 Million Dollars to 5,710 Million Dollars.

In January 2008 exports coverage imports was 65% while it was 62% in 2007.

Exports to EU were 5,460 Million Dollars...

The weight of the EU in Exports has continued in January 2008. As compared with the same month of the previous year, exports to EU were 5,460 Million Dollars increased by 44.3%. The proportion of the EU countries was 51.5% while the proportion of Free Zones was 2.5% and other countries was 45.9%.

In January 2008, the main partner country for exports was Germany with 1,070 Million Dollars and increased by 39%. For exports, Germany was followed by the Switzerland (745 Million Dollars), UK (733 Million Dollars), Italy (678 Million Dollars), France (586 Million Dollars), and Russia (420 Million Dollars).

In January 2008, while the European Union Countries were the most intensive country group for imports (5,989 Million Dollars), followed by other European Countries (3,708 Million Dollars), Asian Countries (4,589 Million Dollars) and Free Zones in Turkey (140 Million Dollars).

For January 2008, the top country for Turkey’s imports was Russia (2,618 Million Dollars), records for imports range from Germany (1,463 Million Dollars), China (1,336 Million Dollars), Italy (852 Million Dollars) and USA (738 Million Dollars).

Road vehicles are forefront in exports according to chapters...

For January 2008, road vehicles and their parts has by far the highest value exported at 1,633 Million Dollars and then, pearl and other precious stone and products,coins 1,078 Million Dollars, machineries, mechanical appliances, boilers, equipments and parts 742 Million Dollars, iron and steel 729 Million Dollars, articles of apparel and clothing accessories 714 Million Dollars.

At the same period, the top categories for imports were mineral fuels and mineral oils (3,764 Million Dollars) and then machineries, mechanical appliances, boilers, equipments and parts (1,870 Million Dollars), iron and steel (1,730 Million Dollars), electrical machinery and equipment (1,340 Million Dollars).

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